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Scholars agree that they were not made by the Incas themselves, who used them but were ignorant of their origin.They are in fact so imposing that it does not seem absurd to conjecture, as some scientists have done, that they are the handiwork of an UNKNOWN RACE of Giants "" One legend - if it be that!- says that the [global] tunnels lead to a subterranean world of Antediluvian descent somewhere in a recess of Afghanistan, or in the region of the Hindu Kush given [the] name Agharti a labyrinth of tunnels and underground passages is extended in a series of links connecting Agharti with all other such subterranean worlds!The subterranean world it is said, is lit by a strange green luminescence which favors the growth of crops and conduces to length of days and health."This last account is of special interest as Kolosimo refers to this green fluorescence in another part of the world.

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Not only the latest discoveries of modern man, but the whole wisdom of the ages is enshrined in its libraries engraved on stone in Vattanian characters " " As for the question of Saint-Yves sources there is an obvious resemblance to the novel of Bulwer Lytton, (1871), [See Exhibit C from Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection Part One - GJ] which tells of a subterranean realm of highly developed beings who possess the mysterious "Vril force" and will one day emerge from their caverns and dominate us." Saint-Yves was close to Bulwer Lyttons son, the Earl of Lytton, a former Ambassador to France and Viceroy of India who translated Saint-Yves Poeme de la Reine (the poem of the Queen, 1892) and presented it to Queen Victoria.

But who has mastered this esoteric technology and where are the UFOs located today?